Pharmacogenomics Consult (PGx)

PGx is personalized, precision medicine where a patient’s medication and dose are selected based on their genes.

Currently, medications and dosages are selected for a patient based on factors such as age, weight, kidney/liver function, among other variables.

The information from a PGx panel will provide safety and effectiveness information for a medication based on your genetic profile.

Genes can impact how effective and safe a drug or medication can be for you. Because of your genetics, the same medication at the same dose will affect different people in different ways.

For example, one person might have some negative side effects to a medication, while others have no side effects.

Pharmacogenetic testing looks at your specific genes to help you discover which kinds of medications and doses are right for you.

When might PGx testing be recommended or considered?

There are different reasons why your health care team might order PGx testing to help guide your current or future medication use, such as:

  • To reduce the risk of serious side effects related to certain medications
  • To adjust the dose of a current medication or recommend a different medication
  • To identify a medication, or dose of a medication, with a higher chance of working for you before you take it

How much will it cost?

Depending on your policy and reasons for testing, some insurance companies may or may not cover pharmacogenomic testing. At TRS Pharmacy, your cost may range from $150 to no more than $300 if you are uninsured or if your insurance does not cover this test. This cost includes the collection, the test, interpretation, consultation, and lifetime updates with new information that can impact you based on your genetic profile.

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